March 13, 2012 – Specialty Chocolates from Confections for Any Occasion Makes Easter Celebrations Delightful

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Easter Delight



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Specialty Chocolates from Confections for Any Occasion Makes Easter Celebrations Delightful

Theresa, Wisconsin, March 13, 2012—Easter baskets rise to a new level when you include specialty chocolates from Confections for Any Occasion. Made in the village of Theresa, Wisconsin, by a talented young blind entrepreneur, these gourmet customized chocolates add to your Easter celebration.  The chocolates are a delicious way of personalizing the Easter candy you give, and provide the premium experience for chocolate-lovers of all ages.

Blind since he was five years old, chocolate-maker Joel Bernhard discovered his passion for making chocolates while taking an advanced baking class in school. He followed his dream and, in 2000, he opened Confections for Any Occasion, offering his artisan Swiss-style chocolates. His gourmet chocolates are made with locally sourced ingredients, premium dairy products and can be ordered in a wide range of specialty designs to personalize your gift.

For Easter, you can choose from a variety of traditional or contemporary designs, including chocolate baskets. The largest selection of 20 plus 3D chocolate bunnies from 1 ounce to 5 pound chocolate Easter bunnies including bunnies on tractors, motorcycles and in cars, as well as standing and sitting bunnies. Chocolate Easter bunny lollipops are available in several styles. Other specialties include chocolate crosses, lambs and chocolate coconut and rice krispy nests with jellybean eggs. In addition, Confections for Any Occasion offers meltaways—crème eggs filled with raspberry or peanut butter, and real marshmallow whipped crème eggs. You’ll also find a wide assortment of authentic Jelly Belly jellybeans available at Confections for Any Occasion.

If you have a one-of-a-kind chocolate gift in mind, order a customized design. True to its name, Confections for Any Occasion provides seasonal selections and chocolates year-round. Specialties include sugar-free confections.

For more information about their wide range of specialty chocolates for every season, contact Confections for Any Occasion. You can order a sweet selection of Easter gifts by calling 920.488.9269, or visit today.


Confections For Any Occasion founded in 2000 by Joel Bernhard, a young blind entrepreneur, is a gourmet showcase of the finest chocolates, truffles and specialty confections. Specializing in uniquely hand-made chocolate creations customized personally for holidays, wedding to baby celebrations and everything in between, to one-of-a-kind designed chocolates for a special someone to corporate gifts. Using the finest Swiss-style chocolate and freshest dairy and fruits sourced locally, Joel’s interest in baking and candy making inspired him to become an entrepreneur in the confectionary industry.