March 26, 2013 West Bend Woman Wins 5 lb. Solid Chocolate Bunny in Confections for Any Occasion Contest

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Easter Contest Winner

West Bend Woman Wins 5 lb. Solid Chocolate Bunny in Confections for Any Occasion Contest

 Theresa, Wisconsin, March 26, 2013 — Confections for Any Occasion fills Sarah Blossom’s Easter basket with a 5 lb. solid chocolate bunny. Blossom won the grand prize hare in the chocolate shops Easter Trivia Contest.

“I’ve been going to Joel’s shop for many years and enjoy supporting his business and love his chocolates,” says Blossom. “It was a pleasant surprise to win the chocolate bunny.”

She along with chocolate-lovers tested their candy knowledge with fun Easter trivia, March 15 to 25. Questions ranged from participants knowing 76 percent of people eat the ears on a chocolate bunny first to 400 jelly beans is a pound and that red jelly beans are kids’ favorite color.

“The contest is a way to show our appreciation, share Easter candy fun facts and celebrate the sweetness of the spring holiday,” says Joel Bernhard, blind candy maker and owner of Confections for Any Occasion.

This Easter, make Confections for Any Occasion your sweet spot to fill kids and grandkid’s baskets full of handmade chocolate bunnies, old-fashioned whipped crème eggs or chocolate eggs decorated in pastel colors.

Hop to a higher level in gourmet taste, authenticity and freshness this Easter with artisan chocolates. Joel’s one-of-a-kind gourmet chocolates are made with the finest Swiss-style chocolate, locally sourced ingredients and premium dairy products.

For Easter, choose from the largest selection of 30 plus 3-D chocolate bunnies from 1 ounce to 5 pound bunnies made of luscious chocolate in hard to find, white chocolate, dark chocolate and popular favorite, milk chocolate. Find chocolate bunnies of all shapes and sizes that are standing, sitting, riding in cars, on a motorcycle or a tractor. A solid 3 pound chocolate bunny holding an egg makes for the perfect Easter centerpiece that’s edible, too. Other specialty novelties include decorative Easter baskets, lambs, crosses, and chocolate coconut and rice krispy nests with jellybean eggs. Easter Chocolate lollipops shaped into bunnies, chicks hatching, roosters and Easter eggs are hand painted with pastel colors for the season.

Create the ultimate chocolate experience by filling a solid chocolate Easter basket with Confections’ meltaways—crème eggs filled with raspberry, peanut butter or maple nut, and real whipped crème eggs. You’ll also find sugar free confections, chocolates and jelly beans along with a wide assortment of authentic Jelly Belly jellybeans now available in spring-time flavors.

To order online with convenient shipping to one’s door, visit the website at to find unique, handcrafted gourmet confections and boxed chocolates that celebrate the arrival of spring. For more information on the array of specialty Easter chocolates, visit our shop or call 920.488.9269.


Confections For Any Occasion founded in 2000 by Joel Bernhard, a young blind entrepreneur, is a gourmet showcase of the finest chocolates, truffles and specialty confections. Specializing in uniquely hand-crafted chocolate creations customized personally for holidays, wedding to baby celebrations and everything in between, to one-of-a-kind designed chocolates for a special someone to corporate gifts. Using the finest Swiss-style chocolate and freshest dairy and nuts sourced locally, Joel’s interest in baking and candy making inspired him to become an entrepreneur in the confectionary industry.